Friday, 1 July 2011

Personal Health Records (PHR) versus Electronic Health Records (EHR)?

Personal Health Records (PHR) are essentially patient-centered services with the aim of offering a space on the Internet, where people could have access to their personal health information. Google Health and Microsoft HealthVault are the outstanding exemples of this kind of service.

On the other hand, eventually it seems that Electronic Health Records (EHR) have been adopted in western countries, although with different speeds and difficulties among them. Surely, there are diverse reasons to decide to retire Google Health, but I'm sure one reason that may explain the low success of PHR services is the fact that the EHR, at least apparently, is made with an open-minded vision of the medical-patient relationship in the current ICT scenario. In my view, that means the EHRs are "for" and "by" patients, with the promise of an open access and shared management with medical doctors. So why do you need an external service in the cloud if it is included in EHR, and which is reliable, secure and shared?

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